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      About Christy Goodhue Real Estate, LLC

      You are thinking about buying or selling your most valuable possession. Your home. Chances are, you have or will, live, laugh and love for many years in your home. It's walls will hold many precious memories, and "once in a lifetimes". Your home has it's own personality...

       The key to a successful real estate transaction is finding the right real estate agent. At Christy Goodhue Real Estate, we truly care about our clients and listen to their wants and needs in the real estate market. No two homes, sellers, buyers, or transactions are ever alike.

      Christy Goodhue Real Estate opened it's doors in January of 1999 and is a full service, full time real estate brokerage. We service the Central NH and Lakes Region areas and complete muti millions of dollars in real estate transactions each year, producing satisfied Buyers and Sellers.

      * We have the experience and ability to handle the sale or purchase of your most prized possession
      * Service does not begin and end with a sign in the yard and a lock box on the door
      * We believe in old fashioned service and know that it is hard work
      * We will be there for you, from helping you with the information needed to complete your purchase or sale in the most efficient manner possible.

       Christy Goodhue Real Estate strives to provide clients with the least stressful and most pleasant real estate experience possible. We welcome the opportunity for an interview. Our appointment will be confidential and without obligation. We look forward to hearing from you and working with you to complete our common goal of selling your home or finding you a new one!