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STOP LOOKING for another agent to sell your home in this area... Your wasting your time! Christy is amazing!!!

Finding an agent who will sell your home using a range of marketing tools to get you the best deal possible in a reasonable amount of time, all while charging a fair rate, takes some effort. Let me save you some time!

We had a situation where we had a dream home - but only for a special buyer - 16 Acres with a pond, detached garage, 3 story out building - basically a LOT of house for a market that was generally looking for smaller, more efficient homes.

For the comfort of my family, I had grossly over-invested in the house, which made comparable pricing nearly impossible! Basically our house was not in conformity with local market demand and we we're going to lose money, no matter what.

Dealing with the first real estate agent we picked was basically a joke! After wasting valuable market time during prime buying season with him (he over-priced our house by $40k for then-market conditions - unresponsive, etc..), we knew we needed a better solution. I originally called Christy because she was the absolute top selling agent in the area, despite the crappy market conditions. But when we met her, we KNEW we made the right choice!

Christy is amazing for the following reasons:

  • She expertly guided us along a tour of current local market conditions and suggest a sales price that was spot on.

  • She provides online marketing tools that are cutting edge and second to none. At no point were we left in the dark or uninformed about the state of home showings.

  • Christy pulls no punches and will tell you exactly what needs to happen to maximize your selling efforts. If your looking for an agent to kiss your ass, look elsewhere, but if you want the absolute best chances for getting the most from your home with quality service, this is your woman!

  • Christy's a hard worker! She had actually cut her vacation short once to accommodate one of our home showings. This level of service in almost unheard of in today's market!

  • Despite her offices workload, Christy was always very attentive and focused on providing personalized service for our special needs.

I can go on for another 20 paragraphs, but I think you get the point.... DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME LIKE I DID - CALL CHRISTY NOW!

We were looking to buy a foreclosure property as our first home. We found Christy based on her ratings on Zillow, and I'm glad we contacted her! She is indefatigable! We looked at house after house, we had offer after offer fall through. She stuck with us through it all and never let our spirits drop! We could not have done this without Christy!